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West Coast Aerospace, Inc. is proud to have been nominated for the Subcontractor of the Year Award, and for having received the Small Business Administration "Administrator's Award for Excellence."

We use the industry's most advanced technology and the finest raw materials to design, manufacture and stock a wide range of precision fasteners, which include:
  • Hi-Lok® and Hi-Tigue® fasteners
  • Inserts
  • Ultra-Lite® fasteners
  • Straight shank pins
  • Blind Nut® & Blind Bolt® fasteners
  • Customer designed special orders

West Coast Aerospace, Inc. products are in use today by every major airframe producer and airline world wide. West Coast Aerospace has been approved by numerous major aircraft companies, including:
  • Boeing D6-82479/D1-9000 - Quality System Approval
  • ISO 9001:2000/AS9100 - Accreditation
  • FAA: TSO C-148 Approval
  • Northrop Grumman Platinum Supplier - Source
  • Lockheed Martin Key Supplier Award, SPC System Certification - Source
  • McDonnell Douglas/Boeing - Source
  • Airbus UK - Approved

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