Quality Assurance

Our committment to quality and excellence enables us to meet our customers' most critical requirements. We conduct X-ray verification tests on each incoming shipment of raw materials and maintain tight quality control at every stage of manufacturing. Standards for verifying and calibrating our production gauges are carefully monitored by our calibration department.

Tensile tester

Product Testing

Each lot of fasteners manufactured by West Coast Aerospace, Inc. is subject to rigorous acceptance tests. These include:

- Physical tests for tensile, shear and fatigue.
- Dimensional inspection, to verify that each fastener has been manufactured within the acceptable range of tolerances listed on part drawings.

We inspect each fastener's dimensions by using such devices as laser micrometers and digital gauges.

Finished parts are sectioned, mounted in bakelite and then polished to a flat scratch-free finish. After being etched with acid, these mounts are examined under a microscope. A laboratory technician verifies such metallurgical features as thread form, forging effects, micro-structure and many other criteria.

Optical Comparator

Inspection Mount